Saturday, April 4, 2015

I made meatballs last night! First time in a long time. And ... I confess, I bought ingredients and sauce for them about a month ago, but then got struck down with that particular dread of domestic effort I seem to excell at, and never did 'em.

I really hate that.

I am avoiding Easter, and nobody here seems to care that not an egg is decorated. So, feck it. I'll make Easter Chick cookies, though, as Bodhi and myself will be venturing to my godparents' on Monday, and they all make a big effort to be Eastery, with egg hunts and lunch, bless 'em all.

I want dyed eggs and an Easter tree. I want to feel the joy of Spring moving me and igniting my kids in sweet and ancient ways. But I don't got it. 


Ms. Moon said...

Well, I have enough spring for both of us. I promise you.

Mwa said...

Ok, Jo - here's the thing. You can tell me to fuck off, but I will tell you what I would tell any other friend. You made meatballs. That's where you should stop. You did well there. It's like you want to beat yourself up. It takes too much energy. You did well making meatballs!

I made Marie come tell me two good things about her day all last week, because she was so down on herself. I want to tell you the same thing.

Now you can tell me to fuck off but I would be a bad friend if I didn't tell you not to be so harsh on yourself. You wouldn't be this harsh on me.


You made meatballs.

Jo said...

But what was on my mind was Easter, and our lack of celebration of it. And my uncomfortable mix of apathy and disappointment about it.

That's what I wanted to write about. I'm not so much down on myself as miserable about my sub par life, and making meatballs doesn't really compensate, in the greater scheme of things.

You're right about not whining about the bad things, but making meatballs is really not that much to celebrate.

Jo said...

This post has also reminded me that I forgot to make cookies. Now I have to decide if I care or not...