Saturday, May 9, 2015

indignity, part the second

I just walked the dog, met friend with two greyhounds, one of whom had an operation on her head and is sporting a small cone of shame, but is entirely shameless and excited by it.

She jumped all over me, at one point clawed at the back of my skirt and totally pantsed me .

I give thanks to Fida, Patron Saint of DogWalkers, that no one was coming over the hill behind me, or they would have got fully mooned. I could never show my face on Bray Head again.

I wonder what's going to happen to me next? 


Mwa said...

That reminds me of a programme I watched while knitting last night. It was a discussion, in French, of the cultural significance of buttocks. Mooning was mentioned.

Jo said...

Lol :) A good antidote to the other programme you blogged about too :)