Monday, July 20, 2015

my unpleasant adventure in pukiness

I don't get sick much. As a fat person, I guess I have to be unhealthy in terms of unfitness and  cacner risk etc., but my immune system still seems to be ok.

Today was weird - headache started early on, and I felt awful when I got to work. But then I usually do on a Monday morning. Late night last night, as always. But the headache got worse and worse and I started feeling seriously nauseous in my second class. I went and got a pain killer as I couldn't concentrate with the headache, but I hadn't eaten, and that tipped me over the edge - cue hot and  cold sweats and nausea that made me call my director in the last 15 mins of class and get someone sent over to cover for me. Then I had to excuse myself and head for the bathroom - 'you've gone white!' my student informed me, as I was leaving.

I struggled for the car, with that dreaded 'it's not over yet' feeling, and yep, had to pull over and get sick in an Aldi bag. I hate vomiting! This could have been worse, as it was only water and Paracetemol flavour, so none of the dreaded chunks and yuk it usually entails. Had a further sweat and shake at the side of the road, then struggled home to bed with a basin. I've slept for 4 and a half hours and the nausea's gone, thank god, but the headache is still lingering and threatening to flare up.

I'm not sure if this is because I didn't take my anti-depressant properly (I thought I had!) or if it's a mystery bug - I haven't been round anyone who might have infected me.

I would like a lavendar infused head massage now, please, and some minions to walk my dog and so on. 


Ms. Moon said...

Sounds like a terrible bug! May it be done with you soon!

Jo said...

Feeling better still, if a little tender. Headache lingering at corners, flares up if I do anything energetic. Did not walk poor dog tonight.

catherine said...

ah Jo, sounds awful.. hope it was just a bug and is gone now ,its bad enough throwing up in the comfort of your own bathroom let alone on the side of the road ! I have been off here for a while.. had a little irish hol in kerry .. situation back to normal now for the next 50 weeks :(