Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I'm feeling very badly put together at the moment. My typos are in over-drive. My vision seems to have taken a dive for the worst. I'm dropping things a lot and missing things... I feel bleary and stupid and not strong. I'm malcoordinated. Misadjusted. Vague and sleepy and I don't know my arse from my elbow.

What do I need? Early nights, proprioceptive exercise, vitamins? I'm going for an eye test on Tuesday, and this time I'll go get glasses, no matter what the lovely optician recommends - I'm noticing my weakened sight more and more for in the last couple years, I didn't used to, but I'm squinting at things like an *aul one these days. Last time I went to my lovely optician, whose name is Nora Wickham (my mother loved going to her because she gave her the best prescription of her life, and also she said she felt like she was in a Jane Austen novel, and was one of 'Nora Wickham's ladies'), she said 'do your eyes a favour and don't wear your glasses'. So that was fine by me, but recently, Lenny Kravitz had a wardrobe malfunction, and split his rock god leather trousers right down the crotch seam, and dangled his goods in front of his audience (they were Swedish, so they probably weren't too afronted). I mentioned on Twitter that I was a little disappointed at the underwhelmingness, I'd expected something more epic, a piercing, something... a friend said, I think he did have a piercing. So I had to go back and peer at the still, again, like an aul one. If Nora tells me not to wear my glasses, I'll have to say, 'but Nora, I couldn't see Lenny's piercing!'

In other news, I got a surprise package in the post today - I'd forgotten that I bought a painting from an online friend that I know through all things maternal. Erin Darcy is a red haired maiden from the States who is an artist. She came over here as a tender teen to meet the young man in person with whom she'd fallen in love online. And she got married, and stayed, and now has two babies. Sadly, her parents are beloved to her, and her father is suffering from a pernicious form on early onset Alzheimer's. And she can't be there to be with him while he's still himself. It's cruel, especially because of their separation. She's currently having a sale to try and make some cash to get back for another visit. I love her current moon watercolours. This one ... oh, it sparkles far more than I realised. It's a magic little piece of sky in a bucket and I'm going to hang it over my bed.

You could go see if there's anything you like, or just browse for later - she does lovely family and mother and baby pictures, takes commissions, her work is simple but full of heart and love. This doesn't photograph so well in its plastic and with my shitty little camera - you can't see the sparkle or the depth of the blue in the bottom splashes. I'm very happy, though. I loves the moon. She's my friend.


Ms. Moon said...

Yes! Get glasses! I think it may be an outdated idea that you shouldn't wear them until...what? You're blind?
Love your new/full moon!
Some days I feel clumsier than others too. It is the way of it.

Jo said...

No, I've had them since college, but I stopped wearing them when I had a baby as my ok right eye compensates for my bad left eye very well. For example, I don't officially need them to drive.

The last time I got tested (two years ago), my vision had actually improved because of the effect of natural ageing, if that makes sense - natural changes had corrected some of my problem and that wearing glasses would change that for the worse.

My optician is very good, honest.

BUT, things have changed since then, and I do really need them at this stage.