Wednesday, September 2, 2015

heal your soul soup

I was going to make some courgette fritters, but I couldn't face all the faff.

I really want to stop defaulting to an egg on toast or frozen pizza because I've no energy to cook. So... soup.

Cook a leek and a celery stick in some oil til soft, add chopped potatoes and cook them for a wee bit. Add some bouillon, salt, pepper, and more than cover with water. Cook til soft, then add a grilled red pepper. Blend and mix in a few handfuls of cheese.

It's thick and rich and warm and piquant. Good for approaching Autumn and a sad soul. 


Ms. Moon said...

Sounds most delicious and soothing.
I am cooking tonight too. Really cooking which I have not done for several days. Just the cooking is a comfort to me, as I think it is to you, Jo.

Joanne said...

The soup sounds good. I hope it helps the sadness.

Mwa said...

Hey. Been away. Back now.
I can only eat spicy things when I'm happy. When I'm sad, I want savoury comfort. Salt, but not too much pepper.

Jennifer said...

Comfort Soup. I like that idea.

Jo said...

It's not spicy! Only listed ingredients included :)

Mwa said...

Then I have to look up what piquant means. I thought it meant spicy.

Jo said...

I thought it just meant sort ... I don't know how to describe it. Flavoursome. This definition suggests it's both that and spicy? having a pleasantly sharp taste or appetizing flavour.
"a piquant tartare sauce"
synonyms: spicy, tangy, spiced, peppery, hot; More
pleasantly stimulating or exciting to the mind.
synonyms: intriguing, stimulating, interesting, fascinating, colourful, exciting, arresting, lively, sparkling, spirited, witty, spicy, provocative, racy, salty; informaljuicy
"a particularly piquant story"