Monday, September 21, 2015

I made some cards

Arg, the circle one is frustratingly off centre in this. I couldn't tell, what the phone show you is not what the camera takes. Feck.

I love these colours.

I am sending cards made with rain water to a couple people in drought and fire stricken California and Oregon. It always used to rain when my mother sent letters to her sister in SB, and so far it's worked twice when I've sent people cards. I'm going to try again and see what happens.

One goes to my friend who's just moved to Kilkenny to do a jewellery course, it's her birthday on Friday. Kilkenny is not in need of rain.

The round one is for a darling writer and artist in Scotland who I bonded with at a writing conference. We have much in common, though she's much nicer and sweeter than me. Not to mention leggy and beautiful. Along with another writer, we've devised a plan to be penpals, so we can all get post. I love post. All I get is bills. Though, hopefully, boots, in the next couple days. 


Mwa said...

I should send a letter to someone hugely overdue. Like a year. Sadly.

Ms. Moon said...

Real mail IS the best.

Jennifer said...

Oh, I love real mail too, and I almost never get any. I wish I had a pen pal.

Jo said...

Well, Jennifer, I know two people online, we said, let's be penpals, it'snice to get post, we said, yay, let's do it! Bang, penpals. Go, do!