Sunday, September 27, 2015

super moon full moon blood moon harvest moon

It's a night of many moons tonight - I hope you go look outside, at least, if not get up in the middle of the night to see the eclipse. It was a huge golden orb in the sky over the Head last night and tonight, so beautiful - my little camera is unable to catch it. It did not look like this, trust me. 

I stood at the wall of the car park trying to photograph it, and a nice older man came by, commented on it, told me about the eclipse  - as we were talking about it, a rather cool English black guy with fabulous greying beard and hair combo and a walking stick came past on the path below, looked up and asked about it. He sneered at how it would be cloudy, but it might well not, tonight (oh he of little faith!).There was much standing around and looking at the moon in the car park tonight, it feels like such a human thing to share. 

The Sunset setting on my camera is disappointing. It was much brighter and more fiery than this. 

This is a few weeks old, I thought I'd preserve it for posterity as one day I will look back through bleary eyes surrounded by wrinkles, and bless my youth and the soft lighting and wish I could return. Don't embiggen it, I'd actually just squeezed out all my pores and I'm covered in blotches. 


John Gray said...

Jo.....its not very red over trelawnyd
But impressive

Jo said...

The red doesn't start til 3.11am!

Are you in Wales, John? It's going to eclipse from about 3.11 to 4.25 apparently.

Ms. Moon said...

It's drizzly and overcast here. We'll probably miss the whole thing.

Jennifer said...

Same here, a couple of hours north of Ms. Moon.

Oh well. It's not the first time I missed some noteworthy celestial happening due to rain!

Elsewhere said...

very red over here (Amsterdam)
Question: how is it possible it is visible all over the world?
I don't get it. It's nighttime when it's daytime at the USA. Mind is boggling...

(PS ah, now there's a crown on your head! Good on you)

Jo said...

Lol, Elswhere, I didn't notice :) My house is full of what people call 'clutter'. Whatever that is, it's on my husband's chest of drawers.

Mwa said...

I loved that my son called us all upstairs to the second floor to look at the gorgeous moon that night, but none of us knew about the eclipse until the day after.