Friday, November 13, 2015

A slightly amazing thing happened today. I had a work review, or appraisal, as they're known. Disturbing, as it's Friday the 13th. However, I seem to be flavour of the month, as I got offered an exam class for the first time (which isn't a big deal, it's not like extra pay or anything, but it's sort of a sign of being favoured, and also an opportunity to develop your skillset a bit).

But the gobsmacking thing is that I'd been dreaming of getting the school to send me on some sort of counselling course so I can be the person in charge of pastoral care for the students, perhaps someone who can listen to their issues and put them in touch with relevant services. I didn't think it would come true, as there's not really anything in it for the school - but I guess since my experience with the pregnant 17 year old and now the troubled Brazilian, the need for such a role has hit home and my director has just suggested it to me - she says she's going to look into it and see if their might be a viable course they could send me on - ! I won't hold my breath, of course, but it's such a good idea. And could grow into something more for me in the future, if it did come to pass.

So... whether it does or not, that was nice.

And it's Friday, and the sky was blue and fresh and cold (though then the light went weird and it hailed). My Brazilian girl got out of hospital this morning and is back at home here with a new appreciation for ... not being stuck in hospital. I brought her on a dog walk with me. And it was freezing - it's been ridiculously warm recently, it was actually nice to have a properly cold day.

I've just weathered a PMS week without anti depressants, only Vit B complex and D and magnesium and I seem to have done ok - everyone's still standing, though I was viciously bitchy to a couple of my colleagues and had to apologise. But still. I've made it through.

And I'm so glad it's Friday!


Ms. Moon said...

Jo- this is great news! Congratulations.

Jennifer said...

Congratulations! You deserve it!!

Jo said...

Oh - congratulations are not in order. The exam class isn't a huge deal, it's not an accolade or anything. It's just nice to reach a point where I'm considered up to it.

As to the other... well. We won't hold our breath. If there is a suitable course (big if) and I get a place on it, THEN we will dance :)

Joanne said...

This does deserve congratulations. You are such an understanding and caring teacher in these kids' lives. They are lucky to have you.

Jo said...

Just to clarify, Joanne, they're not kids, they're adults, it's a private language school, not a secondary school, or anything.

But thank you.