Saturday, November 21, 2015

Just listening to some Stone Roses there.

You know what's nice? When you listen to some music from the Past, but it wasn't your music, so while it's lovely, and familiar, it has no emotional resonance for you - you never lay in bed in the dark with a friend or a lover or a friend/lover while it played, you didn't listen over and over to it through your early teenage anguish. It wasn't 'your song' with anyone, it wasn't breakup recovery music. You were just happy when it came on at the disco or on the radio, it's only redolent of light and dance. That's nice.

I'm afraid I do favour the music of the early nineties, the music of my formative years, or that while I learned about then. The music that defined me before cars or houses or kids or marriages or their aftermath existed. The music that was me. But while these songs bring a friend of mine to tears, I'm all good. I like it, but I don't feel anything when I hear it other than happy and a little bit dancey.

Which is nice :)


Ms. Moon said...

Sometimes music is TOO powerful for me to listen to. Even the music that wasn't really mine but was there during certain periods of my life.

Jo said...

Me too. Some of my favourites are just too evocative. It makes me a bit sad, really. I wish I had an inner intensity control. Just turn them feelings up and down when needed.