Saturday, December 12, 2015


Jeeze, I had a ridiculously bad sleep last night. Woke up through the night, then this morning I dreamed I was pregnant, and it was terrible and I was going to have an abortion but feeling really bad about it and having to keep it from Bodhi, and then finding I wasn't pregnant, but being really uncertain... gah.

And then I dreamed there was no light at all in the world, and humans were endangered by ... oh I dunno, some sort of vampires or something. And it was all a bit apocalyptic.

You have these huge, huge dreams, and in the morning they're reduced to nothing and you can't communicate the unnerving/terrifying/delightful atmosphere of them. It's an odd sensation, being disconnected from another part of your brain in your waking life, no?

I suppose I had to pay for the moment of heaven I treated myself to yesterday morning when I dreamed I was in a pub with Matthew Gray Gubler. After helping some ladies in wheelchairs to get straws in their drinks, we sat under a blanket and I pathetically asked for a cuddle. He sweetly chided me for being so pathetic, and kissed me instead, with great sweetness.

Sadly, my alarm hadn't gone off, so my brain chose to alert me to the fact that I was sleeping in with urgent scenes of Being Late For Work instead of continuing the Celeb Dream Action, so I had to wake up and run around getting ready instead.

Work is harsh. Early morning rising and leaving the house (well, leaving the bed) is not good for me. Hence my frustration at waking at 8am on a Saturday full of unwanted pregnancy stress. Stupid subconscious. 


Ms. Moon said...

Ha! I dreamed this morning that the big orange and white cat I see in my yard sometimes had been leaving kittens here. And in my dream I said, "We have no way to feed these kittens. We should euthanize them!"
I am so mean!

Jo said...

Omg, dream-you is hardcore!

Mwa said...

I love celeb dreams. They are the best. I used to dream that Obama was in love with me.