Friday, January 22, 2016

I just read an account by a man who got a virus and lost the ability to talk for three years. He lost his job and got divorced as a result too.

Then his ex put him in touch with a doctor who cured him very simply, just like that.


I feel a little like I can't talk either, for no real reason. I feel clammed up. I want to write things and I just .. .can't quite do it. It's too hard to articulate, too laborious, not that interesting anyway, and then the moment passes and ... bleh.

I have no idea who I am any more, to tell the truth.

Anyway, I liked Mwa's post about gravity and gratitude, and fell down a rabbit hole in trying to formulate a response so I gave up, and thought I'd share this thing instead. I love this woman's ideas. I would like to do her course and then become a teacher in Ireland, as there aren't any classes here. But .. I won't. Instead I'll share the video with you in case you'd like it.

I praticed trying the glide walk today. I have no idea if I was doing it properly, but it did seem like I was using butt muscles instead of thigh muscles to propel myself, but I could have been making that up a bit. Interesting to try, though. Imagine re-structuring yourself and having no more back/hip/shoulder pain etc? Nice idea. 


Mwa said...

That man... three years! The horror of it. But then again he probably got some good naps.
I probably should watch that video. Have looked at bits... But an hour - I can't today. Maybe I will look for a summary in print online.

Jo said...

Just check out her website!