Sunday, January 17, 2016


Oh, my sides.

The Iona Institute are a small group of Catholic nutballs who oppose all deviations from religious control with wild hyperbole and twisted logic. They seem to have quite a lot of power - forcing the national tv station to pay them tens of thousands, for example, because the gay man they were telling gay people should be stopped from having children suggested that removing the right to be a parent from gay people is homophobic. They clutched their pearly rosaries at the suggestion, and suuuueeeed. RTE caved instantly. If you want to look up the fantastic speech the gay activist maded in the wake of this, youtube 'Pantigate'.

I just read an article by said Institute on how all of us liberal fans of freedom of individual expression who idolised Bowie so much should look at his life, and see how much happier he was once he stopped doing cocaine and wearing dresses and makeup, and settled down with a nice woman and wore suits, like a sensible man should. See what doing all those things did for his life! Give up your gender bending ways, kids, it's so much easier if you don't fight...

I thought I'd grown out of laughing at the ridiculousness of such archaic conservative religious wafflings, which I loved so in my youth. But no. This is as hilarious to me as it would have been when I was fifteen. Thanks for the laugh, Iona Institute. God bless your tenuous grip on psychology, and reality.


Mwa said...

I wish I could still laugh at that kind of thing... The return to conservative nutballishness all over the world is scaring the crap out of me.

Jo said...

Well, it's more of a continuation of it here. It never really died.