Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I know too many people who post stupid offensive 'jokes' on facebook. About how stupid husbands are, hahaha. About how stupid women are hahahaha. About what assholes children are. About why do they make themselves angry by reading pro-life magazine 'Alive'. Well, thanks, woman, for sharing the pictures of it so we can all be angry too, I typed bitchily, and deleted it, and unfollowed the pro-choice page.

Still menstrual, and the video of a woman doing loads of clever, pretty hairstyles (bows of hair featured strongly) in a 12 year old's long blonde hair. 'Daughter as toy', I typed bitchily, and deleted it.

I would pay good money for a real life delete button. 


Ms. Moon said...

Or at least a "pause" button. That could be helpful at times.

Jo said...

I would abuse it.

Mwa said...

Not sure I'd often get out of pause either. I'm very menstrual too. Maybe we're getting synced over the inter webs. :-)