Wednesday, June 8, 2016

an evening swim

Well. Yesterday the beach was a glowing paradise. I did not take photos, and now I wish I had. Yesterday the tide was way, way out on our evening walk - the sky glowed blue, an unusually large expanse of sand glistened with a veneer of silver and water reflection, and few people were there - Derry met dogs who let him play fetch with them in the waves and had oh so much fun, and Bodhi longed for his swimming trunks so he could cavort in them too. 

I promised a real evening swim the next day, but though it was sunny and lovely at home, ten minutes down the hill was a thick sea mist that obliterated the hill and was accompanied by a brisk, cold wind. The onily dog Derry met was on a retractor lead and he rushed over, and they did not  get along - there was a growly tangle fora moment and the woman with the dog got a fright as they were behind her, and she hadn't noticed. Sigh. Bloody dog.

What a difference a day makes. Look: you can't see anything! Except my adorably handsome man-boy. 


Ms. Moon said...

The sea is ever-changing, isn't it? Which is why it's never boring.
Your boy is lovely. I am so glad to see his picture here.

Jennifer said...

Swimming late in the evening or at night is scary to me. I have a bit of a water phobia.

What a cute boy you have. And he's really growing up fast!

Jo said...

Thanks Mary - I have put ones up a couple times. But I never think to tag them, so I can't go back and link.

Jennifer, if you'd seen it at the same time the day before you wouldn't have been scared, it was as bright and golden as midday, with clear water. It doesn't get dark til 11 at the height of summer here, and that was only 8 - this was 5pm and it wasn't dark, just incredibly misty. He didn't actually swim, he just splashed around up to his knees, anyway :)