Sunday, June 26, 2016

I spent yesterday evening in the company of two wonderful women, and there were laughs and stories aplenty.

We suffered terribly from tangentialism, and every time a story started, so many tributaries flowed from it that the orginal point got lost, over and over. It's frustrating, but also magnificent. So much to say. How can we ever find time to say all the things? I would truly welcome a Vulcan mind-meld, for efficiency.

We'd planned to watch a teen movie myself and Laura adored as children - but the dvd was for the wrong region. It took me a while to realise this as I was drunk, and Olivia's playstation is an impenetrable pyramid of black plastic, like something from the Fifth Element, that you have to stroke just right under a full moon to get it to open. (Disclosure: it doesn't open). I couldn't even see the black buttons on the black background. Old eyes, dim light... I'm wearing my glasses now, I'm starting to feel blind. But it didn't matter... we had too much to say.

We lost the football. I felt the adrenaline crash of the despondent fan for the first time. Oh, we would so have loved one more buzz of that abundant national joy and celebration that follows a win! Instead... crying goalie.


I can't wait til Mary comes home and blogs about Havana! Am excited. I hope all is well. 

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Ms. Moon said...

Starting to catch up here, my love. Thank you.