Wednesday, June 1, 2016

iron giant and a sunny day

Our weather has been phenomenal for the last few days. Bloooo skies. 20 degrees! Set to continue til next week! Happy Summer!

My poor darling son sweated himself swampy wearing his Iron Giant mask, which we had to make out of a hunting hat (the kind with the flaps, is that what you call them? Lumberjack hat?) and he wore it all day, even to pee... he must have been boiled. Sign of a good costume, though.

It was a rush job, because Axl forgot promised to do it then forgot about it, then sprang it on me on Monday afternoon, dismissing my deadline because this was 'important'. Hmm. Still, it was quite a collaborative effort, he painted the silver and did the arms. Bodhi was extremely happy, I think his vision was realised.

I am no artist, but I'm happy that I'm crafty enough to pull a costume out of the bag - again, it's not perfect, but I can see a picture, and then gaze into its possibilities and come up with something like the lumberjack hat that will make the head the right shape (the cardboard box they envisioned just wasn't going to cut it). I'm glad of this humble ability. When it works, that is. It's a bit of a curse, though, as while the picture is often very clear, my hands don't always know how to realise it.

Duct tape is a gift, though, a veritable blessing. AND, best of all, this is going to be the Halloween costume.

There, a blog post. I did it. So hard to start things, it is, for me.

Also, I finally sprayed the hinges of the bathroom door with WD 40. INSTANT silence. Immediate end to creaking. How long have I been listening to that noise? Sheesh. 


Ms. Moon said...

WD-40 and duct tape- two of the best things about civilization as we know it!

Jo said...

Yes! Where would be without them!?

Lisa said...

Why is it that it takes so long to pull out the WD 40? I've got a closet door that has squeaked for a year. The can is 50 feet away in the basement.

Jo said...

Lisa, I read an article once about how someone had 'move can of paint in sitting room to shed' on her to do list for 9 months before she finally did it, transferring it from list to list the whole time.

We're all mad, really.