Sunday, August 21, 2016

Birthday dinner out with the mother in law. She's so combative - but if you respond in kind (humorously) she acts like it's out of left field and is bitchy about it.

Also expressed surprise that I told my 9 year old I was a bit drunk after coming home from a party (at 10pm) last night. As her son remarked, it's not like she ever hid it.

Then she accused me of flirting with the waiter, ha-ha in front of both Axl and Bodhi (he's an ex-student of mine: sweet enthusiastic Italian guy, affectionate with everyone in Italian fashion, I helped him with his cv, delighted to see him and see that he's got a good job that will enable him to stay here indefinitely) . *Head-desk/fist-wall/frustrated-screaming*

Ugh. I find the repressed Catholic people who accuse others of untoward behaviour so much more sordid and creepy in their accusations than the people they're attempting to shame. But what can you do? 


Ms. Moon said...

Oh for Christ's sake. So to speak.
People need to shut the fuck up and live and let live.

LCKK said...

Difficult people drive us nuts!

A Cuban In London said...

Catholics as moralisers? Pot and kettle come to mind. :-)

Greetings from London.

Jo said...

Oh, my, but yes! No better people! :)