Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I went and sat in the sun in Kilruddery while Bodhi and his ... limp friend played. My brain whirred frantically and I thought many philosophical things, and thought about writing them down. All gone now, of course.

Well. Some of it was about the mythical nature of the  concept of land ownership, as I tend to think about when I'm on these beautiful estates, but I find it hard to come to any conclusion about it all. The native Americans are right. And yet, well, I'd like to live there. Human nature, um hum.

Smoke billowed terrifyingly into the sky from the gorse fire on the hill, all afternoon. It's still going, I can see it from my bathroom skylight, very near a small house. Arsonist fuckbags, whoever set it is. I hope they get caught in their own fire, and live, marked, to serve as an example to other would-be pyromaniac selfish bastards. Compassionate? No. Not this time. I'm angry for the scarred landscape and wasted resources and polluted sky right now. You can google skycam of the Bray Head fire, and Kilruddery's website, if you feel so inclined. It's late and I'm too lazy to link for you, I'm not a giving blogger anymore. Sorry! If you're on facebook, you've seen it - ah, facebook has made me a lazy blogger. Ah dear.

The sun is waning, patchy as it was. We had mini heat waves this summer, but a lot of lacklustre weather in between. And now, it's going. I moved back and back away from the lengthening shadows, today, and missed the real heat of the afternoon. No more boiling-hot-at-six-o'clock days. It's getting darker sooner too. I'm not ready for Autumn. The trees are still resplendent in leafy green, but I feel the seasonal clock ticking.


Ms. Moon said...

I feel that clock here, even as it gets into the upper 90's every day.
We ARE ready for a bit of the coolness of Autumn. It's been brutal.

Sabine said...

Awful to think it's arson. Are you sure? I remember the many many gorse fires around the Sugar Loaf on hot days in 1995 and this was always self ignited. Something about sunlight and reflection and very dry gorse.