Sunday, March 16, 2008

blogging like a boy

Wow, Sabrina.

She's given me a lot to, erm, worry about. Do I have to give up my ellipses? And the pink?

So my journalist friend tells me I could write a column, and then I find this, which all feels a little significant.

I'm torn. On one level, I just want my blog to be my own little blog, though I do like the idea that it's read, and if people commented more, it would bring me endless joy. On another level, the idea of writing professionally is a lifelong dream, albeit one I've never done anything about.

I suppose that leaves me with the necessity of two blogs. How many blogs can this disorganised mother handle? I've already got one in the pipeline I'm tremendously excited about, I was thinking about a little business venture this summer that would go well with a blog. There's forninepounds for fun.

I was planning on doing a massage course this year. I also feel I have to try to get a couple days of proper teaching work and try and make some real money again. Will I ever get my house clean? How will all this fit in with the impending world domination my husband is to embark upon?

I have a lot to think about. dot dot dot


Sabrina said...

Hey Jo --

Listen, you know, the presentation was meant to be food for thought, to help people consider their little corners of cyberspace in a larger context they may never have pondered before.

It is in no way a MUST DO list.

For your writing here, I imagine that if you were to write a column it would be something around motherhood and work/life balance. This space works differently around that topic (for reasons you well know - mothers are girls and girls are pink) than it does if you were writing about finance or management consulting (consultants are boys and boys are not pink.)

So I guess that means that if you're happy to build in that niche (and you should be!) then you get a hall pass on the pink. Lucky you :)

And remember - what I said is my opinion - one I'm no more entitled to than you are.

jothemama said...

Oh, no, I think it's extremely good food for thought, Sabrina. I think you're right, overall. If people blog in conjunction with business, then it makes absolute sense. I started this blog purely for myself, without any particular agenda, but I won't deny that I wouldn't be doing it if I personally didn't have an interest in writing. So your ideas are definitely food for thought, and good for me to think about, whether I take any of it further or not. Good work! You Soulless Corporate whatever it was :)