Friday, April 11, 2008

mood lifter

Is this not the best thing ever? I could watch it all day! I love the southern accents and the little black winter onezies on the babies. And how the dad sounds like Adam Sandler!
Ah boo, it just won't embed for some reason. Here's the link.
I can't help but imagine what it's like when they're all crying, though!


His Girl Friday said...

I love this vid...I posted it on my blog awhile back. Our unit manager sent it round to us as a morale booster (I work in a SCBU/NICU..the most I've seen are tiplets, though) I can sit and watch it all day, it is a spirits lifter, for sure!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I find that totally creepy. Little aliens making a weird metallic, mechanical creepy laugh! Ick.

That's made my mind up - no babies for me.

Sxxx (can't remember my blogpassword.)

jothemama said...

I knew that was you before you I saw the S. You're so weird!

Bald Devil said...

Thank you Jo. She is all that and a whole lot more too! A wonderful woman who puts up with me. She was pretty sick for the last little while but she is well on the mend now I'm glad to say.


Bald Devil.

jothemama said...

Sorry to hear she was ill BD, glad she's getting better.