Tuesday, April 15, 2008

oh dear

My birthday's coming again. I can't decide whether to try or not.

I think I'll just treat myself and not bother about anything else. I'll get myself Once, which I still bizarrely haven't seen, and make a nice dinner and sit in and watch it. I'll buy the other John Rocha earring I lost, and have been hoping to get back for years - I like wearing one pair of earrings all the time, I must admit. Otherwise I just take them off, leave them round the house and lose one. Always.

Perhaps a little trip to Avoca Handweavers and a little shop about.

And that'll do. I don't know why my birthday's always been so important to me. Other people my age have stoped making a fuss. Time to grow up!


Alleged Comedian said...

My birthday was a few weeks ago. I made no fuss at all.

Received some very thoughtful gifts, went for a quiet pint with a friend. End of..

I think the best way is to treat yourself, that way the day feels special and you get exactly what I want.

jothemama said...

Clearly this is the mature and sensible way to go about it. But - I get exactly what you want? ;)

Alleged Comedian said...

freudian slip there, everything is about what I want apparently. You get exactly what you want... my humblest fecking apologies (see I saif "fecking" not a whiff of the word fuck or bollocks...Oooops)

jothemama said...

I have no problem with fuck or bollocks, I would by hypocritical to suggest I did. It's the proliferation that's the problem, and I think it might be nice to avoid the big bad c-word too.

'My humblest fucking apologies' doesn't sound particularly humble or apologetic, though :)

Did you watch The Mary Whitehouse Experience? Do you rememebr the man with the sarcastic tone of voice?

Alleged Comedian said...

..if you'll excuse me, I am off to take my spelling gland to the hospital.

(On a serious note, I knew you weren't having a rant about the c-word, I was only teasing. It's your blog and you can moderate and edit it as you see fit)