Sunday, April 20, 2008

one for the ladies

Ladies with babies - my cousin is in the doldrums of pregnancy number two morning sickness misery, trying to look after her two year old, the family has stomach bugs, and she's miserable she's not enjoying being pregnant.

Can anyone post a comment to let her know this is just how it is, and that it does get better? Relatively speaking?

I have to keep pinching myself, and reminding myself every day, exactly what it would be like to have a third child. I know EXACTLY what it would be like, I don't want one, yet a strange part of me keeps thinking about it!

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His Girl Friday said...

oh, I can so totally empathise!!! YES, yes, yes, it does get better!
You will survive this!!!

or in other the best cave woman type of voice....

..."What does not kill me, will make me stronger!!!"