Tuesday, April 29, 2008

running away tuesday

I'm not the sort of person who'd just jump in the car and fuck off somewhere. I'm not brave, spontaneous or desperate enough.

But god, today feels like a running away day.

I want to run away from my grumpy, wailing, tantrumy daughter, my passive, uncommunicative husband, having no money, my house that needs enormous amounts of work we can't afford and the smell of dog crap as the dogs messed on the floor this morning (Oh, I wish they'd just die!).
I'd have to run away on public transport as the car's so badly in need of a service.

I'd take the baby with me, there's hope for him yet.

I just feel like I've had enough!


Alleged Comedian said...

Hang in there Jo.... here's a few reasons why;

1. You are not Mary Harney (I'm not saying she's a bad person, but who would want to be her)

2. You are rapidly becoming my devil's advocate, that little voice in my head that says "Stop using the word C*nt"

3. You do not have to sit the leaving cert, ever again

4. When your daughter turns into an elegant young lady of whom everyone is proud, you can gently tease her about her "Exorcist" period

5. You have not listened to all the radiohead stuff yet.

morgor said...

I've been having a bit of a "I wanna quit my job and disappear somewhere" mood recently.
Too much stuff taking too much effort!

Slightly off topic but this was a question a friend of mine was asking all the guys girlfriends last weekend :

Which would you prefer to catch your husband looking up? midget porn or ladyboy porn.

jothemama said...

Rob, those are excellent reasons to be cheerful, thank you!

I saw a funny Jo Brand bit once when she said that the word pudendum was Latin for 'thing to be ashamed of' and she wanted to name it (um, some other Latin word) that meant 'reason to be cheerful'. There you go!

morgor, I don't want to censor you, but can you understand that I shift my tone and persona between here and Twenty's blog, and I don't really want to have jolly discussions about dwarf porn here? Nor, I suspect, will anyone else?

Well, we'll see.
Anyway, in the interests of full disclose, if I have to choose definitely dwarf porn, I think little people are great. Though I don't want to see them cynically exploited. :)

Tinman18 said...

Cheer up, Jo, I think it's just the stuff that's been happening around the country this weekend taht's been getting you down, like everyone else.

Anyway, there's no point in running off on public transport coz your family would just be able to catch up and walk alongside the bus asking for dinner like Father Ted walking beside the milk float.

morgor said...

noted. technically there were no swear words involved, but I guess it's not exactly high brow ;)

Alleged Comedian said...

well I don't know about that, the dwarves would have low brows, and I would imagine the ladyboys would paint theirs quite high.

I'll get my coat

His Girl Friday said...

hang in there Jo....chocolate is always a temporary fix, you know... ;D

low-brow, high-brow, uni-brow...

Alicia said...

Coming in late to give hugs and commiseration.