Monday, May 19, 2008

coming back to haunt me

Thank you morgor!

While looking through old photos for my aunt's memorial, my cousin found this unflattering photo of me, aged four or five, in my front garden. Note my mother's fab blue Morris Minor Van and what I suspect to be my equally wonderful turquoise Wellies. Also one of my Granny's hand knitted, form fitting jumpers and the terrible 70's cords.

But what is most disturbing is my ragged boy's haircut, which makes me look like Eddie Izzard.

Modern parents would take care never to let this happen - they would buy their child flowery docs, funky denims, and get their hair done at somewhere called 'Kiddie's Cuts' with racing car chairs and tv, not hack at it themselves. My Granny always said they were waiting open armed for the sale of work offerings they dressed me in!

I know it's hard to see, but compare this terrible photo with the one I posted about earlier. Which is worse!


morgor - I.T trainer extraordinaire said...

hey there Eddie,

i sent you a cropped version of your picture.

If you can't remove the white space when you're scanning, then you can use microsoft paint to remove the whitespace.

(right click on the picture, open with -> microsoft paint -> use the little select box (it's the little top right one out of the icons on the left) to choose what you want. then resave it as a new picture.)

Rechru said...

Aww this is adorable!
My mother did not cut our hair; only the best professional mullets for us. We didn't know then that they were called mullets, only that we hated them

Maggot said...

Really cute picture!

jothemama said...

No way! It's gak!

PĂ©itseoga said...

i had the exact same haircut in the late seventies and early eighties!!

my mum cut our hair, of course.

And to save time on bath time, she had this hairdresser style blowdrying hood, and we got sat on a chair with the hood over our heads so we ended up with extra flat fluffy hair.

i still remember sitting there with the hot head, hearing nothing but fan noise while watching my siblings being bathed / towelled dry etc. (in case you're wondering, german bathrooms have sockets)

Then it was down for chips with ketchup and (home made) mayonnaise on a saturday night, and getting crisps and gummy bears later, and being allowed to stay up to watch 'wetten dass'

jothemama said...

péitseoge, you're German?

Gumi Bears! I only just found out they were German, on Have I Got News For You, when a lady in the audience said it properly.
That's a nice little memory :)

Holemaster said...

Great pic Jo. Is that Ireland somewhere?

I'm usually very good at spotting locations.
Let me see hmmmm, oh hang on so I see a yellow number plate on that morris?

jothemama said...

A yellow number plate? Well, she might have bought it in Drogheda, but we lived in Rathmines, Rathmines Park, to be exact.

They bought the house, then had to gut it for woodworm, yeesh.

I remember my sister checking out the box of Christmas presents on my parents' wardrobe, while I kept a look out for the van to come roun the corner, and sitting in the back (no seats) with my baby brother on my lap, stopped at a light, and a bus driver pulling up behind up, looked in and made a funny face. Being a painfuly shy chld I was Mortified! Those are my van memories. Seh used to deliver her cheesecakes and icecream in them.