Monday, May 19, 2008

calling europe on the big white telephone

Or in my case, sadly, the avocado green one, though the bathroom looks marvelously better since the husband painted it yellow, surprisingly. Makes the green look almost nice, springlike.

Still, this hasn't been much consolation to me as I spent most of the night heaving. The kids picked up a bug on the way home, and it got me, strangely just after I ate a little bit too much Chinese takeaway - flashbacks to morning sickness and making the mistake of ordering one then too...

I hate hate hate vomiting. It's one reason why I don't drink to excess. I'm one of those difficult pukers, all retching and heaving and coughing pain, it doesn't just flow out easily. The last time I got sick was when I got some strange bug when pregnant and I puked so hard and so much that I burst all the little blood vessels in my face and had red freckles all over my face and neck! And worryingly, it happened gain this time, but only on the left side - what's that about? HGF?

My husband hates when I'm sick and was grumpily unsympathetic - came to bed in a stinky, smokey, sweaty Tshirt, not so considerate! Then this morning I was a little put out to hear him talking to his drummer in sugary, near baby talk tones, telling him to go get himself checked out - it seems he might have dislocated his shoulder. Which of course means he's worthy of sympathy but is another nail in the coffin of 'he's going out with them instead of me' coffin.

Bleurg. So I didn't send my daughter to school today, which is just as well as she had a relapse. We finally got remedies that stopped the puking and my mother in law kindly brought over some 7Up ('why would you shake it, wouldn't that just make it more bubbly, I left the lid off') which was a godsend - I was so thirsty I could have cried, and the two hours waiting for her to bring it were awful! I never thought I'd be so pathetically grateful to drink flat 7Up! But there you go.

Then we had a big sleep, then we got up and had water melon my mother in law had kindly and nervously gone out to buy for us - it's stayed down and we've just had rice crispies! I feel wobbly but my tummy has hopefully settled now.
I should have been busier with the sterile wipes in the airport, I think - telling my daughter to stop putting her mouth on the railings clearly wasn't enough of a precaution :)

Now I'm off to read The Five Hundred Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, one of the significant books of my childhood that oddly disappeared, and was waiting for me from Ebay when I returned home. Note to self - leave feedback, they're going to blacklist me if I keep forgetting.


Tinman18 said...

Sorry you're sick & hope you're feeling better, but are you sure it's a bug? Have you looked back at your last 2 posts? If you've eaten all the stuff you mentioned there it's not really all that surprising ;)

jothemama said...

Feck off, Tinman, I have NOT eaten all the stuff I mentioned, the husband's chocolate is untouched by me! Just a little bit of Reese's indulgence, no more no less. Bastard! :)