Friday, May 2, 2008

nothing as it should be

Public Service Announcement

Don't go see Podge and Rodge in Vicar Street, it's shite. Really shite, like a bad school play. Should've left during the interval. The warm up comedian was good though. Colm someone.

Don't go to Abrakadabra in Donnybrook. It's shite too. It's stripped down, presumably to discourage vandalism, it's full of drunken little wee spotty teens, one of whom looked like Beavis and had a non-oronc mullett, the staff got both our orders wrong and it wasn't right either way, not like the kebabs I remember. Waste of a indulgence.


Still, it was good to get out.


morgor said...

abrakebabra was always awful.

The place reminds me of vomit.

samcrea said...

The last time you were in Abra, you were probably pissed.

Podge and Rodge have seriously run their course..

These actors get rich and greedy and cheap-up on writing and production..

Short term gain only..