Saturday, May 17, 2008

random jetlagged travel observations

A little pre-diet treat for me, for reaching home in one piece

  • If I lived in the States, within a week I would be too morbidly obese to leave my house: cookies. Ice-cream sandwiches. Smoothies in giant cups. Burritos. Crisps (chips). Peanut butter stuff. Cheesecake. Sigh.

  • My favourite thing to do in foreign lands is visit foreign supermarkets

  • Why has Ireland got so very few good public playgrounds? FFS!

  • I'm so grateful to all the people in the airports who were nice to me, and helpful, especially the woman who heard me having to count my change for a final bottle of water and asked if I needed any (I convinced myself you could bring them through the boarding gate and had to throw away a lovely big frosty one - it was so hot in LA, I nearly passed out, and I wasn't even allowed have a drink before it went in the bin. In case I combusted... I might have without it! What do they do with it all?

  • We drove though Malibu! and some of LA. So cool but unreal, I didn't really have time to register where I was.

  • I was shocked at my two surviving aunts. They live quite far away, but I thought they'd be there before me - I heard about my aunt on Saturday evening, and flew out on Wednesday. They arrived Friday night, didn't come over, we saw them at the service, they came back for the party and left early, then came over the next day for an hour or two and pretty much failed to mention my aunt in their random conversation, til I steered it that way shortly before they left. One cousin, who lived in my aunt's house for years as a child, didn't come, and my sister and other cousin came the night before, attended the service and party and left early to stay in B&B's on the coast on the way home. WTF? It's so different in Ireland. There's rallying round, talking, drinking, cooking meals for the bereaved. I'm so glad I went, and tried to provide a little of that.

Though you can have too much of a good thing. A cousin of my husband's died suddenly recently, and my mother in law mentioned she had still been over there at 4am, in the sitting room -and she complained that some of the family were in the kitchen and nobody came out and offered them a drink. I don't know which extreme is worse.

I know there's more but jet lag is overtaking my brain. Three scanty hours on the plane last night and a three hour nap this evening. Not so good. All I've eaten today is breakfasts :) a crappy fruit and solid cinnamon twist on the plane, a beans/mushrooms/egg fest at home that wasn't nice, and cereal for dinner.

  • My sense of smell is working overtime and my stomach is queasy. I'm happy to be home with my husband but the smell of stale smoke off him and my baby again :(
    And my mother in law uses Febreze or something that makes me want to run and puke every time she comes over - and on my kids after her (oops, the smell is on the kids, not that I want to puke on them!). It's a cure. Should I operate and get it removed? (The sense that is, would operate on the smells willingly if it was possible!)


    morgor said...

    The mention of so much junk food in your post reminds me of the show I was watching last night.

    half ton dad twas called.

    jothemama said...

    Yes! I'd be jothehalftonmama

    Bleh. Poor man! It must be so easy to lose a lot of weight when you're that big - surely a small decrease in food bulk would make a huge difference? It's awful. I saw a programme about people like this, trying to learn about food and reeducate themselves emotionally - people who hadn't been outside the house in years and had to learn to walk again!

    One guy had been only eating oranges as part of his 'diet' and didn't undestand why he wasn't losing weight. The doctor had to explain that if you eat 45 oranges a day, it's still going to make you fatter...

    morgor the svelte said...

    I thought you could basically eat as much fruit and vegetables as you wanted without getting fat.

    But i suppose fruits tend to be full of sugars but still.

    Also potatoes would make you fat too i suppose.

    I've never dieted or anything like that but i thought that potatos bread and cheese were the bad things.(and of course junk food and sweets and alcohol)

    jothemama said...

    Well, there's a lot of good in potatoes - lots of vitamins and antioxidents. Apparently we're meant to eat them al dente for hte best effects. Not fried, or mixed with cream or cheese, or whatever. Sadly.

    I think it's the refined white carbohydrates that are the baddies. And refined sugar. You'd be pretty healthy if you stayed away form those, and excercised normally.