Sunday, May 18, 2008

exotic Cadbury's

My husband was just brought home a present of exotic Dairy Milk from New Zealand (his band know him well) - totally trumping my out of-the-usual M&Ms - there's lemon cheesecake and fudge and Black Forest Gateau fillings! And Rocky Road, and other such things.

Why not have 'em here? It's odd.

They threw in a bar of low carb Cadbury's, for the laugh presumably - it tastes like the Devil's caic!

He said they gave it to him at practice, Andrew's ma had someone in doing the radiators who was mightily impressed at his chocolate mountain - 'Is all that your chocolate? Jaysus!'

I searched for the pic and see that I robbed it off another blogger, so I will link to her post - she has a gorgeous butterfly cursor, want it!

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