Monday, June 9, 2008

oh I wish I'd look after me teeth

I'm just home from the dentist, as I popped out a filling when I was flossing this morning.

I have an appointment to have the broken tooth fixed, the decayed one beside it filled, (actually about three fillings in all, I think) on Friday. And today he decided to leave the one that lost the filling as I had some sort of swelling in my gum a couple of weeks ago that may or may not have been an infection, that may or may not reoccur. So instead, he filled two teeth on the top.


Both my parents had pretty awful teeth, and mine are weak too. I had to have a crown for one that grew in rotten when I was four. Having said that, I had no fillings til I was 19, and I moved in with my husband who drinks coke every day, and because it was there in the fridge, I'd drink it when I was thirsty, even though I don't like it... one year later - two fillings.

And still he eats chocolate all day long, and drinks a litre of coke, yet my teeth are far worse than his. He's been a pernicious influence on me and has placed temptation in my way, with little regard for my spongy enamel....
You'd think I would take Mr.Dentist's advice and give up sugar. It's not that I don't agree with him, I do. It's just, well, you know yourself. God though, with this sinusy headcold, and three injections (he put two in, and started drilling, and while it didn't hurt exactly, I could feel it, and I am far far too much of a wimp to risk the drill suddenly shoving into a nerve, shudder. I'm not phobic, I don't really mind fillings, but ughggh, no feeling the nerve pain. No problem having babies unanaesthetised, but no drilling teeth!). So now the left side of my face is benumbed, my nose is blocked and I feel like the Elephant woman.


B said...

I let my teeth go to hell, pretty much the brink, by the age of 12. One extremely painful tooth pulling sorted me out though.

If they gave every child one tooth pulling with any medicine crap, everyone'd keep very good care of their teeth.

jothemama said...

Sweet mother of god!!

B said...

worked for me.

PĂ©itseoga said...

it sounds like you're taking good care of your teeth, flossing every day!

i read somewhere that it's not the sugar as such, but more the acid, that destroys your teeth. coke and other fizzy drinks have some kind of acid that's doing the deed. you could eat chocolate all day long as long as you brush religiously. (if you didn't the sugar would turn into acid over time)

but there definitely is a hereditory factor as well, so to an extent it's pure luck.
oh, and the other thing - fluoride!
did you grow up with fluoride in the drinking water? i didn't, and the dentists here in ireland gasp in shock when they see my fillings, asking if i drink lots of fizzy drinks (i don't actually, only have as a kid, when you're expected to like them!). since i live in ireland i had hardly any fillings, maybe two in 6 years? and they were withing the 1st 2 years. i believe it's the fluoride, as i didn't change my diet, if anything i eat more sweets.

most of the damage to my teeth was done by the time i was going to college, after that it got less and now in ireland it seems to have halted completely. whereas my brother had really good teeth for years despite lots of coke and sweets and no brushing (boys!) but it caught up with him in his twenties big time, he has several crowns now.

jothemama said...

well, my dentists have said that your teeth should stop rottng by your late thirties one way or another.

It's contnentious about the fluoride, I don't know...