Monday, June 9, 2008

Tired, absent minded things that I have done recently

Left keys in door of house, car door wide open - husband came home late, slowly pushed door open and said 'Jo? Are you ok?' no doubt wondering if I'd been raped and murdered.

Left keyes on top of car outside daughter's school today (you may sense a theme here)

Spelled keys with an extra 'e' as in befamed chic-lit writer

There's more, but I can't remember

On the plus side, when I push my fingers against my closed eyes, I see incredible kaleidoscopic light patterns, which is nice.


morgor said...

hehe I know a guy who's so absent minded he's done stuff like put a plastic kettle on the hob etc.

I've done stuff like put my luggage on top of the car so I can open the door and then driving off and remembering a mile later and getting out and putting it in the boot. ;)

markvader said...

My girlfriend drove of with the after-suncream on the top of the car the other day, and when we heard it fall of, i shouted "agh i left the bottle of water on the roof" (the same bottle which i was holding in my hand at the time).

I think the sun was getting to both of us

jothemama said...

I've lost a phone and a wallet this way. And once a letter, though that made it with me to my next stop! I keep telling myself I'm not allowed put stuff up there, but when you're loading in kids, it's really hard not to.

Tinman18 said...

I drove about two miles with a pair of trainers on the roof of my car once. The car had a vinyl roof and I think they must have stuck to it slightly. I kept wondering why I was being flashed at by everyone.