Tuesday, August 5, 2008


When I was in school, my art teacher was the quite religious wife of a vicar. She I had occasionally hung out with her daughter, and in a moment of fondness she once told me that she included me in her prayers every day. At the time, I was quite freaked out by the idea of someone praying for me, I did not appreciate it - maybe just because it was her, with her halitosis and ostentatiously awful clothing she thought made her look 'the mad artist'.

But I've made a little resolution. I'm going to try sending positive pictures and intentions to people before I go to sleep each night. I suppose it's a prayer of sorts. I would think of it as a little extra energy, or focus devoted outside of myself. It helps me get to sleep too, that effort of concentration - better than thinking of bad things. You have to work to hold on to it.

Not wanting to be prayed for by Mrs.Vicar aside, the minister we hoped would marry us got kidney cancer just before our wedding and was unable to - we assumed he must have died as the general prognosis of the disease is so bad and few respond well to chemo. It took us a while to go back to the church, as it was so connected to my mother's death and I'd had more than I could take of cancer and death - but when we did go back, he was there, and healthy.

Similarly, a friend's husband has recently had a brain tumour operated operated on. He was diagnosed shortly after their baby was born. They're a very religious couple and have a huge amount of people praying with conviction for them, as did the minister. While the brain tumour is not completely sorted, the operation and results went as well as they possibly could have.

Basically I believe in the power of positive thinking. I once met a friend for dinner, and was woefully late. At the time she'd been seeing someone, and it looked like it might turn into something more. But he hadn't called since the last time he'd stayed over, and the whole way to the restaurant she fantasised about finding him there with someone else. And she did. And she said she totally made it happen - and what could she achieve if she used her powers for good instead of evil?

Well exactly. And the best thing about it is, if it doesn't work, what is there to lose? All you've done is sent a few good thoughts towards someone you care about or wish well.

I'm a big believer in pictures. White light around the airplane or car, or child. Drawing pictures of the state you want to realise.

So if you could all envision me with a winning lotto ticket in my hand, please... a money miracle happens to me today, a money miracle happens to me today

The Silva mind method is worth checking out - it's in a new incarnation since I heard of in the eighties, but I think it's pretty effective.


morgor said...

That's sort of like the lucky people vs unlucky people thing.

Apparently lucky people are just people who will check for opportunities while unlucky people are too pessimistic to do it.

I remember running to catch a bus and only just caught it and thinking, that was lucky.
If I had been slightly lazier and not bothered running i would have viewed it as unlucky.

jothemama said...

Same idea, positive thinking - but I like the idea of doing it for other people.

morgor said...

don't think it works like that though to be honest.

jothemama said...

Maybe not for everyone. Wanting something for someone, wishing and hoping, is not no the same as building a picture of what you want the world to work towards.

So I appreciate why you don't believe in the power of visualisation to change things. But I do. I've seen my mother change the weather. I think we have a huge amount of energy most of us don't know how to access.

jothemama said...

If I was ill, or hoping for something in particular, I would want as many people as possible focussed on my desired outcome.

Anonymous said...

Co-incidence alert again, I think, Jo.

If your friend with the sick husband is called Sharon, then I work with said husband.

And since she's a teacher it probably is her.

jothemama said...

Yep, that's them. And not at all connected to where we live - strange one.

I can't imagine how she's coped at all this year.

Anonymous said...

I don't know either.

He's a very easygoing guy, but sometimes you can tell that the whole thing is getting to him.

And he's only 30, for God's sake.

morgor said...

I've seen my mother change the weather. I think we have a huge amount of energy most of us don't know how to access.

*arches eyebrow cynically*

PĂ©itseoga said...

i used to find it really hard to think positive. i got a lot of the 'catholic guilt' in my upbringing, 'don't be proud of your achievements', 'don't show off your drawing, that's boasting' (pride is bad) and the likes. i actually thought the more i want something the less likely it was going to happen, trying to keep my expectations low; and spending hours worrying because i thought the worrying would somehow, maybe, justify a good outcome, as i'd already 'paid' and as i wasn't expecting a good outcome.

...i was a very gloomy child and teenager...

but i've really worked on it and tried not to think so negatively over the last years. i started telling me 'it's going to be OK' and things have been OK, no jinxing involved.

the last pregnancy i didn't feel confident and worried a lot, and miscarried. and realised the worrying beforehand didn't make it any easier afterwards. so this pregnancy i was much more positive from the start (still lots of worrying but snapping out of it more easily) and it's been going great so far! i know all can still be over in a heartbeat, and i would be heartbroken, but i won't subject my baby to too many negative vibes because of it. i'm even going to attempt hypnobirthing, which is all about positive outlook and perspective and expecting good things to happen.

positive thinking and visualising work, i'm sure of it!

jothemama said...

Aw, I didn't know you miscarried before, I'm sorry.

I think it's good to throw the fears away and focus on the positive instead. Hopefully there as a reason for your previous miscarriage, and this time your body is growing a healthy baby.