Sunday, February 22, 2009

home again home again

Hello, friends, readers, bloggers.

Home in my messy little house I am again.

I do not walk into an interiorly designed to within an inch of itself life hotel room that has been pristinely cleaned by fairies any more, or arrive downstairs to a full breakfast each morning (though in the interests of honesty, I must admit that the first one was rubbery).

The blog awards were great. I love Cork. It's nicer than Dublin. You heard me. Congratulations, and thanks to Damien for the whole thing. Brilliant idea, having them there, so I got to go on a holiday, en famille, and stay in a hotel surrounded by lots of nice people I know, but not so well I don't like them :)

I was full of wishes to be an eccentric millionaire, and invite all the nice people to come party in my fabulous hotel all the time, but I said that to Devin, this morning, who I met while checking out, and she made the excellent point that it would be like Melrose Place, great at first and then go waaay down in enjoyment levels quite fast. So true. Novelty is everything.

Still, I felt a little like I was in a Cliff Richard film - blue skies, sun, cocktails, and We're All Going On A Blogger Holiday'. The kids LOVED the hotel, with all its lights and fun stuff and mad decor. BUT I hope that next time I might miraculously be able to go as a couple rather than as a family, and sleep in, if nothing else. I forced myself to go up at three last night, but didn't go to sleep til four, Bodhi woke up just after eight, and had two feeds between times. It's time to do something about that, really, especially as he'd stopped looking for milk at night for a while.

So Yawn.

I gave up on the new hurty boots though. Alright, I know, I'm just not built for them. Will have to return 'em in favour of a pair of great boots from FatFace (though I've just seen they're sold out, and for some reason my mouse won't give me the copy menu anymore??), which I saw modelled by a lovely pregnant Caroline last night.

It seems the collective noun for bloggers of the lady variety is teaparty. Apparently the boys keep asking where there event is every year. A better woman than I might have been heard to mention the words piss up and brewery in conjunction with each other.

I met a certain blogger's lovely wife, who I suspect must work as an International Woman of Glamour, so glamorous was she.

I got to see a bride on a bouncy castle, which was quite excellent.

I can't seem to hear so well today, I suspect I have tinnitus from sitting in front of Elly-mar during the awards.

I also have a great photo of five shaven headed, possibly follicularly challenged men sitting together in a huddle, and I was sorry Axel wasn't around to blend in - but I'll have to keep you without a visual as there are some of us who prefer to remain unphotographed... like myself.

I'm looking forward to visiting everyone else's reports of the night. And seeing photos. And hearing all the scandal I missed. But for now, this'll do me. Back to getting lunch and the school run, ah me.


Xbox4NappyRash said...


Oh so jealous.

And yes, I know, my own fault.

SabrinaDent said...

The Most Glamorously Glowing Pregnant Woman Award goes to Caroline at Bibliocook:

And you with your CUPCAKES which were AMAZING. Thank you so so so much! We had the leftovers at Sunday lunch and you have more raving fans in Cork now :)

Anonymous said...

Yes. There's nothing more grounding than an exploded yoghurt mess in a school lunchbox and early morning cereal fights.

robert said...

Was an incredible night. Met so many, forgot lots. Three days later and I'm still recalling little bits and pieces.

Thinking back on things now I reckoon youcould be right about the novelty value of the hotel. mind you it was still all good. Even if the staff were run off there feet!

robert said...

Oops! I didn't mean that I forgot lots of people! Well, I probably did but I meant that I have some very hazy memories especially towards the end of the night!!

jothemama said...

Hi Robert! I'd put the memory loss down to agood night, don't worry. Well, that and ageing and exhaustion if you're anything like me :)

Elf in Amsterdam said...

It really did rock alright!

Thanks so much for chatting to me on Friday night when i met you, i was cringing with shyness and you really helped making both myself and catriona feel part of the gang.

You made a huge impact and thanks again! :)


Xbox4NappyRash said...

Elf, I have a sad confession to make! I think I spotted you at the airport on the way back but I was too cowardly to say hello!

jothemama said...

What's so scary about other people, eh? Where's the love!

No worries, Elf, it's not like it was a chore to talk to you guys, you're a pair of sweet hearts.

And you didn't come across as shy at all, you did great!

Elf in Amsterdam said...

@Xbox - *shock* JUST left the same comment on your blog!!!

Nothing scary about others, however as I *made* the lovely Catriona spend our 2nd anniversary with "a pack o bloggers" I suddenly got nervous that everyone would be saying "who does she think she is, huh?"

And then we met the lovely lovely Jo and the ice was well broken!! :)

As you get to know the 3D me, I talk (verbal diarrhea) when nervous, so the chattier the more freaked out i am.... i was terrified!

That said I was in fact scared over nothing!

You are welcome to 'dam whenever you want!


jothemama said...

Yep, I'm the same. You have to hit me over the head to get me to stop.

Though I do it when I'm not nervous too.

Thanks for the invite! I'll take you up on it - but perhpas in some years, when I no longer have to have two smalies in tow...

jothemama said...

PS - Anniversary! Congrats!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I've just read that comment and I'm wobbly with laughter now.
I didn't make the connection at the time, but I saw the funny look towards the book and I figured you were bloggy familiar at least.

I'm a bit on the slow side so it was Sunday night back home before I figured out who you were.

Don't feel bad though, I hid from Conortje too. I am a social eunuch.

I think it was Ulysses you saw in my hand though.... ;0)

Elf in Amsterdam said...

@Jo Smallies welcome.... its a great city for the small ones!
Check out the Nemo Science Museum. Great interactive fun!

Thanks for the congrats, we've now spent half the relationship in different countries!

@Xbox yep saw Conortje hiding in the corner nursing a hangover. Spotted him again getting off plane.

Yes my bad it was very well loved and worn copy of Ulysses you had, in fact you seemed to be quoting vast chunks from memory... impressive :P

Xbox4NappyRash said...

...and the natralis in Leiden!

jothemama said...

Hmm. So tempting!

I'd have to come when Xbox wasn't mid shag-fest though.

Not to mention you two, I know what you alternative folk get up to...

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Jo, that may be one of the most disturbing things I've read in a while.

Lottie said...

I think we should have a blog awards on a quarterly basis.

(and somewhere Damien Mulley's head explodes)

jothemama said...

Hear hear!

NYDublinGirl said...

Jo - do you know the lovely pregnant Caroline is my cousin? Haven't seen her since we both got our bump news. Can't wait for another generation of curly-haired (4th) cousins!