Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I made two of the nicest things in the last two days - crepes and sushi.

Only Veggie sushi, I'm afraid, because I don't eat fish, I'm averse to it. However I suspect that if I did I'd prefer it raw to cooked.

But that is neither here nor there.

As for the crepes, cheese and mushroom, mmmm, raspberry jam and custard, heavenly. I recommend it.

Continuing on the foodular theme,

Oh crap. I can't remember. Seriously. I had it back there when I started, but now it's gone. I'll have to get to bed.

Oh dear!

Posting will be infrequent over the next few weeks, I've mucho work to do.

Wait! I've remembered! Others would delete, but I want you to share with me the agonies of being Jo. Obviously.

Easter Eggs. I was in Tesco yesterday, looking at them sitting there, shining with sticky promise, and I saw deals, and I got anxious, wondering how soon Easter was and if I should be getting in supplies, they looked like they were selling out a bit, didn't want to miss out... and then I remembered it was Pancake day, which meant I had FORTY DAYS to buy Easter eggs in. Forty freakin' days.

Panic over.

For fuck's sake.


mammydiaries said...

Forty days till they go on sale....sigh!

Maxi Cane said...

Wait until the Tuesday after Easter and get them for 70% off in Tesco.

Tell the kids the easter bunny was horribly killed in a suicide bombing outside Cadbury's that way they'll be surprised when you return home on Tuesday with the eggs.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Everyone constantly munches on mini chocolate eggs here all the way up to easter.

A bowl on every desk.

Holemaster said...


jothemama said...

Er, what?

NaRocRoc said...

I've been wondering of late.... is there a difference between crepes and pancakes. Shed any light?!?

jothemama said...

There is, of course.

Crepes are thin but rich. Half water/half milk and lots of eggs. Leave to sit.

When you pour them they can spread out paper thin.

And they taste different!