Sunday, March 29, 2009

successful Leptospirosis vaccination

Cuba has used homeopathic Leptospirosis on 2.5 million people to combat annual outbreaks of the disease. Results are extremely promising.

Here's an overview.

And here's a little more detail.

I don't have time to keep looking for negative views on the findings, so if anyone comes up with a less positive slant, do post it.


Tatty Franey said...

i read many times in many different publications that cuba has the most advanced medical system in the world. comunism/dictatorship has at least that advantage. i believe their school system is pretty good too.
and homeopathy is just little sugar pills of miracle - i'd be one very ill girl without them!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I would rather fall ill in Cuba than in Ireland and that's no exaggeration.

So, aside from an advanced free medical system, a great education system, a mean cigar, and great t-shirts, what have the Cubans ever done for us?

jothemama said...


Ms. Moon said...

Si! Mojitos! The reason God gave us mint.
No, seriously, I don't understand homeopathy at all but that is amazing.

Holemaster said...

That's encouraging. See that's happens when you don't have a huge drugs industry controlling governments policies on vaccination and disease control. I am a firm believer in the cure lies near the disease (Nettles and Doc leaves).

I was in Cuba in 1999 on a cycling trip. One of our group fell and injured herself. The local clinic took her in, treated her on the spot, gave her stitches and wouldn't take any payment. They are wonderful people, real survivors.

My Other Blog said...

Hi, I'm going to add you as a link on my blog. Any friend of Ms. Moon, etc., etc., plus I'm going to shamelessly use the link to troll for hot Irish men! I prefer Dark Irish over red-heads, but I'll consider all offers!

jothemama said...

Thanks MOB, good luck with that!

Readers, take note.