Monday, April 20, 2009

deep breath

Ok, you people, I've decided. I'm going to take the plunge. After my abortive attempt to buy a mixer last year, I felt in my heart of hearts it's because I was destined for an even fancier one. Look at the shiny, the mixy, the sparkle!

Yes, I need fillings, and glasses, and home improvements, and a weekend in Paris. BUT. I know I will get enough use out of this to make it worth it in the end. And the joy it will bring me...
Sadly for Irish trade, I can get it from an English site, including postage and a free utensil set worth 60 pounds, for 50 less than I can buy it for here. Depressing, eh? For US readers, don't even ask how much they cost over here.

So here is both a request and an offer: it is my birthday next Saturday. If anyone feels moved to donate concrete birthday wishes to the Charity of Jo, send me a birthday card with a fiver in it. It will go towards the mixer fund. And, here's the sweet part, if you do, I promise to, over the course of the summer months, send you something mixed out of it. Cookies or the like.

ONLY if the idea appeals, though, this is a strictly just in case effort I'm trying here. No pressure!
Birthday cards empty of money would also be extremely welcome! I can't help but feel a little unloved on my birthday, much as I try not to. So if you need my address, mail me at infantasiablogATgmailDOTcom or my own address, if you have it.
Anyone know about paypal buttons?


Ciara said...

Sounds like a fair and wonderful deal! No need to feel unloved on your birthday dear heart... you must know you are. C x

Therese said...

Go for it! I´ve been wanting to buy one for years. I guess my family and friends were tired of me talking about it so they got me one for my 40 th birthday last year and I am more than pleased with it!

jothemama said...

thanks for that, Therese, it's what everyone says, they wish they'd done it sooner.

I can't read your blog but I love your photos! I can read them :)

Ms. Moon said...

I was just thinking about how much I use my own Kitchen Aide, although it's gray, not red. I would love red. Anyway, I use it all the time to make bread and it's a beautiful machine and happy almost birthday and yes, get it! And then make your birthday cake with it!

Holemaster said...

You are hereby memed

Anonymous said...

Whats the UK site ? my sister is looking for one .

jothemama said...

I just found a slightly cheaper on on

but no freebies, andthe red one's out of stock.

Amusingly, I've lost my site! It's out there somewhere though.