Tuesday, April 21, 2009

how cool is this?

I started a blog for Olivia, with the intent of recording her art, put up five posts and then dropped the ball. So I'm trying to pick it up again.

But today she did something so cool I had to post it. Ladies and gents, I give you:

George Washington Walking His Doggy on a Sunny Day.

We went to the National Gallery last week, and while she was bored, she liked a few things - the skull in an El Greco, Cupid's willy, the room of George Washington-alikes, and getting to do her own picture, which I popped into the perspex frame on the mantel rather than hanging it up on the line crowded by Spanish students' work.

She's ecstatic, as am I. My daughter has a picture hanging in the National Gallery. And it doesn't even have a naked Brian Cowen in it!

There's a Vermeer in there til the end of May, I think? The light, it's true what they say... worth going to gaze at without being in the company of small, tired, hot children, you know.


Ciara said...

Ah nothing like the swelling of Mama-pride over our darlings art is there? And we're all the same, heh heh! I'm well impressed!

Yes, I feel a gallery day coming on soon. Thanks for the nudge. :-)

jothemama said...

Well, I thought it was funny.

I don't know though, I wouldn't be in a hurry to do the gallery again - with the big ones yes, but my two were less than impressed. Maybe do it early before they get tired, then lunch in the park - the park was the winner.

Having said that, there's a Skullduggery Pleasant book launch and drawing workshops on this Saturday afternoon. Could be good.

Holemaster said...


Reminds me of the time my niece found my Mr. Tourettes book in the loo. I think I got to her in time.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

When do we stop drawing like that?

With the lines for sunrays and fingers?

I might start it again.

Nick McGivney said...

It's a thin line between art and, erm, other art, innit.

Love it love it love it.