Friday, April 3, 2009

my favourite song of theirs

All acoustic here.

Bodhi watched it, then right at the end went, 'Gasp! Daddy!'


Xbox4NappyRash said...

Thats a good quality clip.Really strong song too.

The accent at the start made me chuckle 'furder education'

Bohdi's Daddy is a rock star!

Mine's a driving instructor :-(

jothemama said...

LOL! ;)

A worthy and noble profession though.

And I bet he gets Youtube-worthy material daily.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

The man is essentially blind.

He does his rounds by memory.

Tatty Franey said...

oh love the song!!!

jothemama said...

Thanks Tatty! you should hear it live. The guitar sounds like a cello!
Album available on Itunes - TheJuice, Chasing the Comfort.

Holemaster said...

They were great Jo, really enjoyed it. It was a great line up with Blind Yakkity and the Cujo Family.

laughykate said...

How very cool. Great song.

People on the interweb ARE REAL!

jothemama said...

Cheers, Kate! - realish, anyway!

ACtually, the album is making its way round NewZealand at the moment. Well, when I say that, it's being played a lot in at least one pub. Andrew's sister is there, and he went over for a bit.

But they found out from someone at a gig, going 'oh my god, it's you!!' How cool is that?

Lottie said...

I think this is my favourite too. It's one of those songs that sounds like it has always been around.