Friday, April 3, 2009


The sun is still shining. Is this our summer again? Or will there be a drought?

Last week we went to the beach, as mentioned. It was windy on the strand, but the sun was shining. Back in the carpark, five convent school girls in dark turquoise uniforms were standing round a little blue old style mini, one in the driver's seat. Chatting, eating ice cream cones.

It was so iconic looking. Blue skies, blue uniforms, blue car. What a life! Seventeen, with wheels, full of hope and ice cream.


Red Leeroy said...

Always have a disposable camera on your person at all times. (if they still exist that is).

jothemama said...

Or even a nice little slimline digital one - though I'm not sure about taking pictures of school girls to put on the internet!

Ms. Moon said...

Or...just remember and write about it, giving us a beautiful image to think about, filling in the details from our own hearts and minds.
Thank-you for that one.

My Other Blog said...

It's ironic that we don't appreciate being 17 when living through that year. And those girls won't know what they had till they don't have it anymore.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

My girl is 17.

And My Other Blog is right, she has no idea that in 20 years she will look back at this time being the best in her life.

jothemama said...

I don't know that I fully agree. Sure, there's a lot that's wonderful about being 17. And I actually think most teenagers are pretty good at enjoying the moment. And experiencing the joy of it.

But it's also tough, and insecure, and full of pitfalls and embarrassment and possibly misery that feels way out of their control.

I romanticise adolescence too, but I spent a lot of mine being being completely depressed and lonely and hating myself and crying. It got better from 17, I'll admit, but it's not all sunshine and roses. There should be something to be said for growing into yourself too.

I fear it may be having children that messes it all up for us!

Anonymous said...

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