Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Axel just fixed the hoover!

And he put a new fuse in the lamp, and it works, and he put a stronger bulb in it, so I can see to work now - if I could just afford new glasses, I might save myself from going blind!

We leave simple things that need fixing on the long finger.

The lamp's been out since Christmas.
I'm not handy, sadly.

Due to the risible state of out economy and our leaders' management of it, we're all fucked.
Christmas has been cancelled by Brian Cowen. No more bonuses for people on the dole.

I'm getting huge yearnings to sell our house, move up the mountain, build a wooden house, raise hens, grow veg...

Except I'm in even less of a position to do that now, than I ever was.

Ooo, anxiety anxiety.


Ms. Moon said...

Anxiety sucks. One day at a time.

jothemama said...

Would you believe I had one of those 'in a play, didn't learn my lines' dreams this morning?

Red Leeroy said...

I really liked felicity Kendall when I was young, perhaps she will have the answers........perhaps.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

She was gorgeous in a very English way.

That budget sucks.

maggot said...

My washing machine foor won't open - I have put it through at least half a dozen cycles - is it time to send it to the great domestic appliance yard in the sky or are there any handy hints? It has half my UPs in it and things are getting desperate!

jothemama said...

There is an answer, maggot, but I can't remember. google it!

I have never heard anyone say UP's before!