Monday, June 1, 2009

AAaaaahhhhhh ow

I did the mini marathon. It was hot. My feet are throbbing, tenderised, and sunbrowned in the patches where there is no sandal. Nice.

I must have sweated off my frequent suncream applications too, as bits of me a slightly redder than ideal shade of brown.

I graciously accepted the heart shaped medal in the envelope saying money voucher inside! - heh, 60 cent off a tub of Flora.

I accepted it despite the fact that my walking companions and I might just have taken and executive decision to hop the median just before the UCD bridge and head back the other way - in our defense we'd been standing waiting for the toilets for half an hour, enough time for everything to stiffen up and start aching. I was on my feet: it counts!

Yes, it does.

And it was really made necessary by the three impassive lads standing at their gate with glasses of spirits and long hair and waistcoats and god knows, maybe even paisley shirts, saying 'You're the last ones' on that special oh so funny boy way (and we weren't, and anyway it was only because of the toilet queue, and it was too lonely and demoralising, so we rejoined the herd out of necessity :)

Woo, though, I'm tired. At the end, when my friends were being met by husbands and babies with identical nose scratches, to head for pizza and chat, I got a text from Axel promising a bottle of wine and an Indian tomorrow evening. Nearly brought tears to my eyes, in my weakened state.

I've week's work to do in two days though, as usual, so see you all in a little while.


laughykate said...

Oh well done! Enjoy your Indian and vino - and I hope you don't feel like you're about forty years older when you wake up.

Cause I sure as hell would.

Ms. Moon said...

Okay. What is Flora?
And dearheart- I think you were brave and strong. I mean really- who could wait that long for a bathroom? NO ONE! That's who.
Enjoy your food and wine.
And f**k those boys. You should have kicked them in the crotch and demanded they hand over their spirits AND paisley shirts.

jothemama said...

Flora is sunflower 'spread', they sponsor the marathon.

Aw,no, the boys were funny, and cute. Silently watching the sweaty dowdy women with their glasses of whiskey. It was cool. Young men, I love 'em.

And the worst bit was, I have grand bladder control, as long as I don't sneeze, I could have happily kept going. Sigh.

It was only 10K Ms Moon, no huge deal, but a HOT day!

Kate, I know, I've had a bath and some arnica, but I fear forty may be being kind. I'm not that far away from waking up and actually BEING forty. I was remembering waking up after having a baby and feeling like I"d been beaten with a bag o rocks, alright.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

well done, I couldn't do it.

aww for the text

Compulsive Cook said...

Wow! Well done, babe! I'm most impressed.
Be prepared to feel grim for a couple of days and don't let go of knowing you did great and it was worth it.

morgor said...

Good work champ, I managed a 7K run on saturday morning to collect my car after a bbq and i nearly had blisters on my feet, stupid hilly cork.

Nice and sunny though...

jothemama said...

Thanks CC.

morgor, I don't know what's more impressive, the 7K or the 'after a barbeque'

Irish Mammy said...

Congrats, very impressive - well done you!

morgor said...

Ha, I had another bbq that day too.

What an awful diet i had over the weekend.

Friday :
steak->2 beers->burger->2 beers->burger->6 beers->burger.

Saturday more burgers and sausages and beer and vodka jelly.

no wonder my belly is growing :(

jothemama said...

Ha, steak and beer. It's the vodka jelly that'll push you over the edge though :)

South Beach Diet time!

Aden Meyler said...

Good for you Jo. I hope you're recovering nicely today. I have never done a marathon (walking or otherwise) and have really only run when necessary (for the bus, train, plane).

But I'm really thinking I will do it next year....walking of course.

jothemama said...

Cool, Aden. It's good to do. I'll walk with you when you're training?

Maybe you'd like to do it for Friends of Breastfeeding, if you don't support a particular charity?

More info on that coming soon.

Nicola said...

Well done Jo . I had registered to do it and then did no training . Spent the day in Clara Lara instead - kids had great fun :)Hope the feet have recovered today.

Nicola said...

Oh yes and I can highly recommend being 40!

Ciara said...

Oh yes you did wonderful!

I will admit to feeling ABSOLUTELY NO GUILT at not doing it.... and taking off to the beach with all the kids... sigh...

Am I bad? :-)

maggot said...

Shudder - am unhealthy pursuit and bad for the figure.

Anonymous said...

Well done, seriously well done. That was one tarmac-melting day you got!

Apparently there was a bloke in the crowd waving a sign saying 'what's for dinner then?' or something like that. There's a man with balls.

PĂ©itseoga said...

well done, you!! catching up with your blog tonight, instead of catching up on sleep... i've only done the mini marathon once... i should really do it again, maybe next year!