Monday, August 10, 2009

exquisite symbolism

I went to bed early last night! I was asleep before eleven - unprecedented. And Bohdi slept through, I woke up at seven with screaming back pain and sore engorged boobs. I had to wake him up and feed him, and finally we both went back to sleep - til 9.30, when I had to wake up with screaming back pain all over again.

Happily though, the first time I woke up I'd been having my first ever dream about Robert Pattison in which my brain had gone to convoluted lengths to get him out of his pants, and then in a master stroke of symbolism, found me holding my own knickers (with butterflies on) in my hand, because they had got all wet. Soaked with water. I had to wring them out. There was no explanation as to why. Snigger.

Sadly then I woke up, and the next dream I had I'd been contacted by my friend Vicki, with whom I was inseparable through school, until the end, when we sadly weren't anymore, and I've never really seen her since. But I dreamed she'd contacted me, and I was going to meet her in a cafe, deliberating about whether it was better to get there first or not, but being happy that my hair looked really nice. I suspect I was looking at my 18 year old self again in the mirror. Sigh. I wish I could rewatch my dreams when I wake up.

Sorry about the pants information, but it was funny, right? You know how I like a good metaphor.


Ms. Moon said...

Yes. Very funny. No need to consult a psychiatrist on this one, I would think.

Ciara said...

Well now, not sure about those y-fronts! Not surprised you were trying to get them off him LOL!

I foolishly went looking for another photo, to send you, that came to mind as I read this, and here I am half an hour later. I got lost in Robland... sigh.

What a babe...

Xbox4NappyRash said...

You do make me laugh.

The utter muck of it all.

Mwa said...

Very funny. It always gets me in one of these longing moods all day, having one of these dreams.

And nice picture! So worth clicking through.

PĂ©itseoga said...

rewatch dreams! i like it! or maybe not, i'd be seriously weirded out, i think. my dreams are weird and some of them are scary. i had one last week where i found out i had ovarian cancer (does breastfeeding protect from that one??) and there was no treatment, i went home in the dream, to spend time with my baby, and told my husband to arrange the funeral for next friday! in the dream i did go to the GP, and he gave me a form to fill in to apply for treatment, but he said i might as well not bother as the waiting lists were to long, i'd be dead before i'd get seen.
Your dreams sound nicer!!
Do you think breastfeeding mamas have more or more vivid dreams because they spend more time drifting in and out of sleep?