Monday, August 10, 2009

Your Ghost

I loved this singer, and this song, long ago - Michael Stipe is on the original, perfect harmonies, but sadly, the only available version on Youtube is the official one, and the record company have decided it's a good idea to block the soundtrack of the video. Clever marketing ploy, eh?

So instead there's this, as I first saw her do it in the Olympia long long ago. Neil Hannon supported, all alone! And she did her thing with just occasional cello accompaniment, and loads of funny stories in between songs. I loved her.

Give it a few minutes to warm up.


Ciara said...

Oh my god. Jo. This gave me absolute goosebumps. I was such a huge fan. I love this song!

Her more recent album 'Murder, Misery, and then Goodnight' is on my desert island list.

She is so cool. And you got to see her live, lucky thing.

Thanks for the reminder.

Rechru said...

Oh, thank you for posting this, nearly wore out a tape replaying this over and over when I was about 16. Still love it

jothemama said...

I love it, ladies. We were fated to meet!