Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Friends of Breastfeeding

Friends of Breastfeeding the website is now live. It's pretty and it's purple. It has a list of breastfeeding support options nationwide. It has my bfing blog. It has loads of info on us.

Our two major projects we're running at the moment are the Pin Project and the Sticker Initiative.

The pin project is intended to create a show of support for mothers breastfeeding on their own, who feel isolated and nervous of feeding in public. Their mothers and sisters and friends all bottle feed and they've never actually seen another woman breastfeeding. The pins are subtle, just a beautiful design of our logo, and the idea is that people display them to show their positive attitude towards breastfeeding and as a subtle show of support for breastfeeding. Catching a glimpse might make an anxious mother feel less self conscious about feeding in public.

They'll be available online soon, but for the moment, you've got to order through email - it's awkward, so if anyone I know is interested, get one through me. If any American friends would like one, I'd be happy to send them on, provied you send me back a photo of you wearing one for the blog!

The Sticker Initiative is simply getting restaurants, cafes etc to put a sticker in the door, advertising their breastfeeding friendly stance. Fear of feeding in public is a major reason why mothers who want to continue breastfeeding quit early, or don't start at all.

It's still National Breastfeeding Week til tomorrow. We had some grand plans for this year, not al lof which panned out, but getting the website up live is exciting, as are the projects that are moving along nicely. It's hard work, and we are but a few overextended mammies, but I'm proud of us. Especially all the other members, who work harder than me!


Annah said...

Thats great Jo, anything that promotes Brestfeeding is a positive in my book.. Well done to you all.

jothemama said...

Consider joining up, Annah? Tell your friends! Actually, must write to the HBA and ask for a link.

Nicola said...

got my pin the other day - i love it ! are the stickers available yet?

jothemama said...

Good question, Nicola! Not 100% sure. Email and see!

The pins ARE gorgeous, aren't they?

Jo said...