Sunday, October 4, 2009

interim post

Soon, a big post. With photos. But not til my work is done.

In the meantime, some cuteness:

I was tying up the binbag in the kitchen, a small one, it was full of air and puffy.

Enter Bodhi, who walks up to it, wee fists moving in and out illustratively, and asks,

'Can I punch it, with my punchers?'


Ciara said...



maggot said...

Seen this Jo ?

You don;t look at all like I had pictured you in that Christmas shot below!

jothemama said...

Hi maggot!

Sensible article.

In fairness, that Christmas shot was a loooong time ago, now.

EmmaK said...

aah, so damned cute!

Ms. Moon said...

I keep thinking about this. I swear, I have thought about "my punchers" fifteen times at least since you posted this.

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