Saturday, March 5, 2011

Silver Fluvit

This is a tin whistle. It's a traditional Irish instrument. I can play the recorder a wee bit, but I never learned to play this one.
We have one, for some reason, someone gave it to Olivia , I think. This morning, Bodhi spotted it down the side of my bed and got excited.

"Jo! Jo, I see the Silver Fluvit! Can you get me it, that Silver Fluvit?"

Excellent :) I love language.


Danielle said...

it makes me so sad that your 3 year old calls you by your first name..:-(((

Jo said...

I KNEW you were going to say that, de Santiago, to the extent that I nearly didn't put it in! Cute word, post, D, focus!!!

Jo said...

UPDATE: I jsut asked Bodhi why he liked calling me Jo, and he came and embraced me and said he would call me Mum from now on. I said, but you do like calling me Jo better, don't you, and he said, 'not any more'.

So we'll see. Feel better, Danielle? Manipulative!