Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'm drinking Twinings white tea with pomegranate at the moment, which is said to be even better (the white tea, that is) and tastes nice instead of a bit seaweedy. Oh, we should all be eating seaweed too. It's the food of the future now there's no land left, apparently. They're doing experimental farming in Holland as there will not be enough land left to feed us all by 2050.

If I live as long as my mother did, I only have twenty or so years left, and will miss out on the impending worldwide food crisis.

Such a dream I had this morning, one of those ones, frustrating ones that tell you things that you can't quite accept, that you'd decided against rationally. And I woke up with a jolt, riddled with anxiety and guilt. I hate you, subconscious. Especially for the ridiculously obvious muffin symbolism, that's just fighting dirty.

Alright. Because it's too good to waste, really - I was making muffins. Muffins. Came into the kitchen to find Axl had taken them out and was 'testing' them by cutting into them, cutting all the tops off, and they were hollow and swimming in butter inside, all ruined by his actions. And I lost it and had a hysterical fit because he'd never appreciated my baking.... which is fairly true in literal terms, I might add. Still. For God's sake. And as for the rest, I could beat my head off a wall, really, and the dream gives me no solutions at all. Gah!

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Mwa said...

Ah yes your muffin.