Friday, April 22, 2011

easter doings

Oh. That wasn't the post I meant to post at all. How silly.

Yesterday we had some kids over (well, two kids over, we had a no show on Bodhi's friend, sadly) to paint eggs and decorate dough cut outs.

I do this sort of thing now and again to make console myself for being such a crappy, haphazard mother, or to pretend I'm not one.

There's a fabulous rabbit by Olivia in there I forgot to photograph. Must get one. 

And here are my efforts

I like the blue one

I'm feeling bad. Ms Moon mentioned getting her grandson easter basket things, and I realised how far I've dropped the ball this year - in Ireland kids mostly just get an Easter Egg, I think, and one  from each member of their extended family - I remember my friend building a wall of hers one year. But my mother used to leave a basket with an Easter Egg, things like little chicks and bunnies, little sweets and eggs and stuff, and when I was really small, tubes of Suchard eggs you can't get here anymore - all outside our doors in the morning. I did that for mine most years, but this year I don't have the money, or the will to inventively create surprises. I'll hide stuff in the garden, but not as much as usual - and Olivia already saw the bits on the stairs, where I'd brought them in from the car and failed to hide them. So this may be her last year of Easter Bunny belief. And yes, I know that's a gateway to Santa :(

Oh, and on this topic, I will channel my self recrimination into a rant, just for Cathy - I plan to make easter cupcakes with chocolate cake, yellow swirled butter cream, and an open cream egg on top - but Tesco have red food colour, and blue food colour. I think there was just red and yellow last time I was looking (for blue, of course). Why the hell do they only sell two at a time? ???? There were no scallions this evening either, so I have to go back tomorrow. Bad cess to them. 


Ms. Moon said...

This looks like fun. Well, if you are that sort of person and once in a while I am.
We do what we can do, darling. That's all we can do.

Mwa said...

Well, I think that's a good effort and I'm sure your kids won't care about the motivation behind it.