Saturday, April 23, 2011


Beepers, bleepers, boopers, droopers, superdroopers and spaniel ears! my grandmother dredges triumphantly from the depths of her 93 years deep memory (it took several attempts). Her brother's funny little, er, ode to breasts. I remember her being quite amused at the 'over the shoulder boulder holder' joke as well, bless her. 

She compliments my endowments, though, and protests when I say I have quantity over quality, I'm wearing a wrap dress and am revealing cleavage, in preparation for the tropical heat of her house. 

'Oh no, you've a fine chest. Maybe you just need a better bra. I mean, are you wearing one now?' 

I respond that god, of course I am, if I wasn't they'd be reaching my knees. 

'Oh.' she responds. 

Ahhh, grannies. 


Ms. Moon said...

Ah- titties. One of my favorite subjects.

Jo said...

Yup. Endless entertainment.

Mick said...

My favourite subject too. Any pics?? ;-)

Mwa said...


I had a great aunt who could hang hers on her back, over the shoulder. I think she could have benefited from a better bra.

Jo said...

Oh dear. I fear that. Fear it!