Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ok. It's been two and a half weeks of hormonal depression hell. Ah, bah, no details.

I may have found something relevant, but each time I google Prozac it makes me really really not want to take Prozac. I know that was only written by a student. But while numbness and lack of emotional reaction sound really great to me now, I'm not encouraged by most of the accounts I've read of what it's like being on it. And coming off it. I dunno.

However, here I am with a bowl of gingery noodles and soya beans and a couple of the pics in here really really made me laugh (warning, porn alert, but funny bad porn, not scary porn), especially the first one. Hell, I might even paste in the first one. Then I'm going to go to bed and sleep. And wake up and get breakfast made for me, bless my daughter. She has it all planned. And no nigella seed issues will arise tomorrow either, thank god.

Oh, today we went to the playzone, I had a two for one voucher, the birthday party of one of Olivia's friend's little brother was on so they ran around like crazy and got red and sweaty and also got invited for cake, which was a serendipitous... um... thing.

One of the mothers who is a cake guru made the cake, and it was a sod of turf with beautiful grass icing and a big football on. It was fantastic. Another mum, well, a mom, in fact, was debating getting her to do her daughter's birthday cake, but felt she was letting her down not doing it herself. I know how she feels because I feel the same about birthday cakes, even though I always end up doing them at 2 in the morning like a fucking idiot and rushing things exhaustedly. So I tried to convince her that a cake by Connie is just as good and we're the ones who care, not the kids. I dunno. My friend said she asked her son what cake he wanted last year and he said, 'oh, I'd like one that says'happy birthday' on it'. Boys, they aint fussy.

I'm rambling now. And I'm not better yet, I just thought about something related to the cake story that made me start to cry again. Sigh. I'd better look at this picture some more.


Ms. Moon said...

Jo- that was beautiful. And get this- I have always made my kids' birthday cakes and yet, they all went through a stage where they wanted a grocery store cake with Barbies or My Little Pony or something like that on it. I felt a failure. And yet- all these years later I somehow find myself making them all birthday cakes again. Myself.
And wondering- why?
And being glad.

Jo said...

You're right, Mary. I wish my mother was here to make me a birthday cake. I wish it really hard. I try not to but it's sort of inescapable.

Mwa said...

Two in the morning? You're doing great! I'm always doing the icing when the people are arriving for the party.