Thursday, June 23, 2011


Why am I blogging so much?

Because I have involved work to do. Because the kids are... home and boisterous and no Axl here this week to absorb any of it. Maybe I'm a little bit lonely.

The other night a friend sent me a 'Buddhist money chant.' DO IT!!!!! she said.

As is my way, I said, hmmm, that doesn't sound very Buddhist. Isn't it a bit of a contradiction? And then I looked it up and found the actual prayer to the goddess of wealth, but I was still a bit iffy about it. And THEN, this morning I had the thought that there are millions of people in India living in poverty we can only have nightmares about - and if Lakshmi's going to bestow some wealth on anyone, it should really be the slum parent who's considering mutilating their toddler so they can beg more effectively, not any of us with our credit card debt and first world problems. Um hum.

And the other thought I had... was.... oh. I forgot.

I made minestrone and garlic bread tonight. Garlic bread is soooo underrated. God. I somehow underherbed (not underhebed*. Oops.)the minestrone, though, don't know how that happened. So the kids dipped bread and fished out the pasta. And I had WINE. Nom.

Check out my cupcaking too, for the school's graduation. I am so tired. How I would love to go to bed and sleeeeeeep right now.

AW. I peeled half the aubergine (eggplant) and then noticed it was a penguin, but this came out very dark. It reminded me of this penguin

Wow, Bodhi scoffed some amount of garlic bread. 

Vanilla vanilla with a blueberry on top

Chocolate. With giant chocolate button embellishment. Best taken off and eaten first, unless you like that soft icing/hard chocolate contrast. Which I do not. 

Strawberry, in golden light so you can't see them very well. 

Shaky handed leftover assortments


Mwa said...

I love the ones in the egg cup.

I wish I had too much to blog. It seems my mind is on holiday. Ugh.

Mwa said...

I mean the egg box.

Yeah - so my mind is on holiday.

Jo said...

Yeah, I remembered the bit I forgot, then I forgot it again :(

Craig Sorensen said...

The penguin aubergine is awesome, and all the comestibles look delicious!

Oh, and your thought on who the wealth goddess should bestow upon?

Hear, hear.

Jo said...

Thanks for the penguin love, Craig!

Janine Ashbless said...

Oh, I think the cakes in the eggbox are beautiful! You are amazing, Jo!

Jo said...

All hail the mini cupcake! I must send you a pic I found for my tattoo!

catherine said...

Wow..I feel very unproductive the kids are so proud of you, arriving with all those gorgeous goodies..(underhebed..tee hee) have a good weekend..currently blowing up balloons for our school graduation contribution not as appetising as yours !! :)

Ms. Moon said...

Loveliness, Jo.
The prayer thing- ah, if such things worked, wouldn't everyone know about it and be rich?
Religion. Whatever.
I believe in food and love and light. You know me.
As such, you prayed well here.

laughykate said...

I'm with you on garlic bread. So with you. I don't eat butter (only cause I didn't eat it for a year when I was in Japan cause it tasted disgusting. Came back to New Zealand, went to smear it on my toast and didn't like the taste).

HOWEVER if it tastes of garlic, hold me back. And melted into bread...insanely good.